Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bringing grace back

wikipedia says:

  • social graces are skills used to interact politely in social situations. They include manners, etiquette, deportment and fashion. Traditionally, these skills were taught primarily to young women at a finishing school or charm school. The popularity of social graces has waned over the last century, but has recently experienced a resurgence with an emphasis on business etiquette and international protocol.

so why are social graces making a comeback if the popularity had waned for so long?  because they are important communication tools! who wouldn't benefit from that?  (and besides, vintage is cool, right?)

social graces are guidelines and social rules used to foster amiable social and business relationships, regardless of individual  backgrounds.  they facilitate awareness of others in social and business settings so we become more graciousless selfish, and better able to handle any situation – particularly the tough ones.  

i think social graces are worth bringing back!

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Meghann said...

I absolutely agree! To be able to handle one's self with proper comportment, to handle any kind of client with ease, is all due to grace and proper etiquette. Do I believe we should all suddenly start panicking if the knife is turned the wrong way on the table? No. Being able to confidently and accurately handle a difficult social situation is, however, essential in today's business world if you want to survive. It is no longer just about your university degree: everyone and their dogs (or almost everyone and their dogs) has one - social graces, however, are in short supply and we would all do well to study them!
Great article!