Thursday, January 15, 2009

visiting victoria BC - from my desk

we're popping in to visit victoria BC for our first virtual tour in the "far to go" series.  

this was an easy pick for me as i grew up in this beautiful city.  it's located on the west coast of canada on vancouver island and is the capital of BC.  it's been dubbed "home for the newly wed and nearly dead" because there are a lot of students and retirees.  i left in 2001 and haven't been back yet for a visit.  i miss the ocean and the glorious summers there.  what could be better than a view of the ocean with mountains in the background? 

oak bay beach

it's an artist friendly city and hosts plenty of markets and wonderful shops both downtown and in the great little neighbourhoods around town.  

fan tan alley

market square

there are also all kinds of bike trails and beautiful places to take walks.  

galloping goose trail

beacon hill park is a truely beautiful place to spend hours pick nicking or sketching.  totem poles scatter the grounds and the parks is host to the world's largest one piece totem pole!  

i'll be heading west this summer for a cousin's wedding in edmonton so my husband and i plan to rent a car and head to the coast for a good visit.  i can't wait to show adam around.  we may have to visit victoria again on the blog...

victoria BC, a very inspiring place... and now i'm homesick!  

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Emms said...

Great posting idea!

I have never been to British Columbia, but I am anxious to one day see Canada's beautiful coasts.